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Rockin Through The Fields


Album: Rockin Through The Fields

Duration: 02:37

Release Date: 2024-05-25

Track Number: 1

Single: Yes

Artist Eagle Wing


Just another mile on this paved county line
Smooth as whiskey, clear as the moonshine
Trying to find heart in a cloudless sky,
yeah yeah yeah
Rollin' through the fields where the creek used to flow
I saw a farmer standin', watchin' his corn rows
I said uh, hey there farmer, can you make this land sing too?

He tipped his hat and he smiled real wide
Footin’ your way, it's got its own guide'
Tunes in the wind, rhythm in the rain,
oh yeah, yeah, yeah

Across the pastures, I feel the tune
Harmony rides on the afternoon
Saddle up, son, let's hum along, it's true
And the mockingbird, she knows the song
Keeping beat while we ride along
A chorus 'neath the sun 'til the stars come through,
yeah yeah yeah

Golden wheat sways just like a sea
Waves of grain playing melody
In this countryside, every heart beats too
When the sun sinks low with a tangerine glow
Guitar on my back, playing soft and slow
We chase down dreams where the cool rivers flow,
oh yeah, yeah, yeah

Beneath the twilight's gleam where old memories roam
I find my peace in this place I call home
With every strum, I'm where I belong, it's true
Moonlight's painting on the old barn wood


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Home » Music » Eagle Wing » Rockin Through The Fields