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Nug In My Tea


Album: Nug In My Tea

Duration: 03:08

Release Date: 2024-04-18

Track Number: 1

Single: Yes


I was sittin' by the window, with a view so pretty,
My friend by my side, in this buzzing little city.
He handed me a cup, said "This tea's mighty fine,"
But what I found inside, almost made me lose my mind.

Why'd you drop a nug in my tea, oh can't you see,
It's floating there, quite peculiarly.
A little surprise, not the kind you wish,
Yet, somehow, it's an… unexpected dish.

Took a sip, felt a crunch, oh what could it be?
Not your average garnish, not a leaf, nor a pea.
There's a hint of corn, and something quite nutty,
In this bizarre brew, things got unexpectedly muddy.

The shock wore off, as I stared into my cup,
A sip turned to a gulp, couldn't quite give it up.
Curiosity brewed, in this strange tea affair,
A flavor quite unique, though I shouldn't dare.

Why'd you drop a nug in my tea, a sight so free,
Bobbing gently, in this tea-stained sea.
A surprising crunch, an unusual flavor mix,
I hate to admit, it's a fix I can't nix.

A mystery brew, that's both bold and discreet,
An accidental blend, that's oddly quite neat.
From the first surprise sip, to the last curious gulp,
Who'd have thought, in tea, a nug could result.

Why'd you drop a nug in my tea, with flavors key,
From disbelief to a guilty glee.
It started off odd, a tea-time plot twist,
But by the end, it's a taste I can't resist.


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Home » Music » Flushed Melody » Nug In My Tea