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Night City Swing


Album: Night City Swing (Cyberpunk 2077)

Duration: 03:13

Release Date: 2024-05-13

Track Number: 1

Single: Yes


In the neon glow where the future's alive,
Night City swings, where the cool cats thrive.
Chrome and glitz in the cybernetic breeze,
Dancing through alleys with electronic ease.

Tailored suits meet the tech-savvy threads,
Skyline sparkles as the old meets new dreads.
Hovercars glide and the neon signs hum,
In Night City, the past and future become one.

Oh, Night City, you’re a jive so wild,
Futuristic charm, oh, digital child.
With a big band beat in a cyber affair,
We’re swingin’ through the streets without a single care.

Step out of the shadows, let the saxophones play,
A tune so timeless, it’s here to stay.
The bass is walking, the brass soaring high,
Underneath a cybernetic sky.

Cocktails mixed with a pixel twist,
Romance blooms in a digital mist.
Jazz in the air, and a vibe so slick,
Night City’s charm, it’s cryptic.

Oh, Night City, take my heart tonight,
Swing it through your streets in the cool moonlight.
Big band’s roaring on this neon scene,
In the city of tomorrow, we’re living the dream.

So let's dance through this city, let's soar and dive,
In Night City, where the jazz is alive.
With a tip of the hat and a wink of an eye,
Is This freedom or just a neon lie.


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Home » Music » Nerdburglars Music » Night City Swing