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Home In Your Arms


Album: Home In Your Arms

Duration: 02:43

Release Date: 2024-05-26

Track Number: 1

Single: Yes

Artist Eagle Wing


We share the silence, it speaks in tunes
Drifting gently beneath the swooning moon
In your eyes, the world's a little brighter
Along these roads, my burdens feel much lighter

Together’s where I’m meant to be
With the rhythm of your heartbeat guiding me
Tail lights fade, we leave the town behind
The only sound is your laughter in my ride

Rolling hills, whispering through the pines
On this perfect drive, we're lost in time
By the creek, fireflies ignite
Feels so true in the moon's hue

Underneath the stars so bright
Simple songs under the sky
Open roads, you and I
I know that it's right, this country night

I got love, it's running wild
Our hearts on dirt roads
Where the world just melts away
Fingers entwined, seats laid back
In your arms, I'm home to stay

Embraced by night, no end in sight
Just you and me, feeling free
As we cruise (we cruise), our dream’s in flight
Over fields where the stars dance their light

A heart set loose, down wild country lanes
With the warmth of your smile, in soft refrains
In your arms, every care's miles away
Under starlight, where our love gets to play


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Home » Music » Eagle Wing » Home In Your Arms