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Turbo Tiger

The essense of 1980s Glam Metal, Turbo Tiger delivers shredding guitar solos and epic synth to recreate that glam metal experience.

Nerdburglars Gaming

The world of gaming is no stranger to epic music and epic soundtracks. Nerdburglars aims to take this and create original music to cater to all gamers.

Hypernova Haze

Bringing deep synths and catchy rhytmens, Hypernova Haze brings more of that 80s sound.

Eagle Wing

From country music with a bit of light humor to something more patriotic, Eagle wing will bring some excellent country music for you to enjoy.

Flushed Melody

A mixture of any different genre you can imagine. Flushed melody delivers catchy tunes from all genres, wrapped up in some rather crude humor.

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